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Control Room (150 sq feet)

Allen & Heath GL3300 [24 channel / 16 Bus]

DIGITAL (multi-track) RECORDING Hardware/Software:
MOTU 282 / Delta 1010 x2 / Pro-Tools + Cubase + Sound Forge + Logic +

Fostex E16 with noise reduction, 4050 auto locater & remote sync

Shure / AKG / RØDE / LE / Oktava

JBL [turbo] / Genelec 8020b / Yamaha NS10 / Auratones / HHB Circle 5's + Sony power amps

Ozone + DBX + CD-R Recordable CD+ Sony Digital [DAT] + DVD + Revox 1/4" Analogue + Mini Disk

Yamaha TX81Z / Akai S950 & S1000 Samplers / Kawai K1 keyboards / SMPTE + midi controlers

Yamaha DBX160 Compressors & Limiters / Drawmer Gates / Roland/Yamaha/Alesis multi FX & processors / Various vintage effects & MUCH MORE!

Behringer EX2100 aural Exciter / Enhancer + SE-77 Graphic / Sony cassette decks / Vintage Synths / Guitar amps / Guitars and Percussion box etc..

Acoustically Designed + Natural Light

One Day...

All studios will be built like this!


Live Room

For drums, guitars, brass, vocals etc..

Headphone monitoring: (6 stereo mixes) AKG / Sennheiser / Sony


* Acoustically Designed * Air Conditioned * Natural Light

Layout & Construction

* 24hr Recording * Easy Access * Ample Parking * No Stress

The studio is housed in a solid brick out-building, originally constructed at the turn of the century. Extensive modifications have been carried out to the walls, floors and ceilings to ensure adequate soundproofing and superb acoustics. Quadruple glazed windows, air conditioning and controllable lighting have been installed to maximize comfort. The garden and patio area offers a welcome respite from lengthy recording sessions, and even just a few minutes spent gazing into the clear water of the well kept pond can be very therapeutic!

Take a break and enjoy good food & drink in The Roe Deer bar across the road!


Digital Video Editing

* Digital Cameras * DVD / CD-Rom * Digital Editing

We now offer customers a wide range of video and multi-media services, including video production, filming, editing, film-to-digital transfers, scripting and storyboarding. Take a look at some of our video clips!

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