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Pain Mercy (Afrika Bambaataa)

This edited version of the Hiphop/Rock track is from the 'Sex, Drugs & HIV' project, which features over 200 well known musicians and recording artists, including Adam Ant, Angie Bowie, TV Smith, Roddy Radiation, Henry Padavani and loads more!


Damaged Case (The Weird Things)

A timeless cover of this classic Motorhead track.

Spread Your Wings (Billie Fox)

Billie is a new singer/songwriter from south London who's been described by the media as 'a female Ed Sheeran'.


All I Wanna Do (Kelly Llorenna)

N'Trance vocalist with one of her solo performances, produced and mixed at Panther with songwriter Gary Louca. This track made it to the No.1 spot in several dance charts!

Because You're Young (The Pukes)

The pUKEs are a ukulele anti-society band for punks based in London. They play songs by the likes of Dead Kennedys, Exploited, Xray Spex, The Clash, etc like you never heard ‘em before.


Why Do I Drink Whiskey (The Ring O'Bells Band)

This song was written especially for the Ring O'Bells band and reached the No.2 spot in the British Independent Country charts!

Drum Sample - House Kit
(Overheads Only)



Drum Sample - Ludwig Kit
(Close Mics - Dry)

Drum Sample - Tama Kit
(Close Mics - Dry)


Drum Sample - Small Pearl Kit
(Close Mics - With Ambient Reverb)

All tracks recorded, edited, mixed & mastered at PANTHER STUDIOS.

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