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As well as a first class music recording and digital media studio, we also offer the following related services:

Re-Mixing & Mastering
Re-mix or re-master your home recordings from any format to professional standards. Add special effects or audio enhancements and Master for CD or download with the help of a top producer - and make your recordings sound like the pros!

Artist Development, Artist Management
and Record Label

With over 30 years experience at the high-end of the music industry and many successes to our name, we can help you kick-start your career and get the attention you deserve. Our Development Programs are designed spcifically for each individual band or artist, and include:Radio & TV Promotion, Artwork & Design, Live Music Promotion, On-Line Marketing and much more! More info here.

Location Recording
Record your band, choir or orchestra at a location of your choice using our mobile recording setup. Fast, high quality and cost effective recording at your convenience. Ideal for recording rehearsals or live performances.

Studio Vocal Coaching
Let us guide and coach you through the do's and don'ts of vocal performance in the recording studio.

Studio Engineering and Production Courses
Improve your own recording and production skills. Get some One-to-One tuition and 'Hands-On' experience from the experts!

Promotional VIDEO Production
Producing high quality 'broadcast' video used to be an expensive luxury, often costing many thousands of pounds. At PANTHER we've invested in the latest 'non-linear' digital video technology, and can now produce high quality 'dynamic' videos at very low cost.



Online Mastering

Panther Studios Online Mastering service offers musicians, songwriters, bands and producers the opportunity to have their recordings mastered in the UK's well known studio - from anywhere in the world.

Analogue to Digital Transfers
Clean up and re-master your old tapes, cassettes or records and put them onto CD! We can transfer almost anything into digital formats, including music, film, video, speech, photos, text and graphics.

Product Marketing
We can help you create the entire media product, from your initial idea right up to the finished article, and present it to your target audience in the best way possible!
Call: 01737 210848 or E-mail us for more details.

Studio Design & Construction
We design and build studios to suite any budget, from small home studios, to large commercial multi media environments! We also offer advice and consultancy on equipment, soundproofing, acoustic design, and how to turn just about any room or building into a sound-proofed creative recording environment.

Artwork & Sleeve Design
Our team of professional designers can create original 'High Impact', stimulating artwork for Posters, Flyers, CD sleeves, Vinyl and Cassette sleeves etc..

Manufacturing, Pressing & Duplication
CDs / Cassettes / Videos / Vinyl... all at low prices.

If you're interested in any of these services, please Call: 01737 210848 or Contact us for more details.

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